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“AI should be considered an enabler to something bigger”

You are interested in the world of data, statistics and artificial intelligence (AI)? Sebastian Kaiser, Head of Machine Learning at ERGO, talks about today's applications of AI in the insurance industry and its long-term potential in Itonics' “Innovation Rockstars” video podcast.

Machine learning is an essential component of artificial intelligence. As Head of Machine Learning at ERGO, Sebastian Kaiser deals with a large amount of unstructured data such as texts, images, sound recordings and videos in order to organise this data, link it to the knowledge base and thus extract value-adding information. Its mission: to relieve colleagues of repetitive tasks through the use of AI, promote more customer-focused ways of working and thus increase business growth. We at //next have already portrayed the colleague and his work. 

Against this background, Sebastian is also one of the “Innovation Rockstars” for the software provider Itonics. After all, this B2B video format is about “everything to do with innovation” and wants to be a virtual stage “for real-life stories about innovation, vision, strategy and growth”. 

In the 40-minute interview, Sebastian explains to us – in English – how and where AI and machine learning are already being used at ERGO, based on concrete use cases. We also find out which clever minds make up Sebastian's 7-strong team, part of the “Advanced Analytics Unit” at ERGO – and what central role the “AI Engagement Manager” plays. You can find the conversation as an audio podcast on Spotify, Apple and SoundCloud or as a video to stream directly here:

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