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Beyond ChatGPT: How ERGO uses "Large Language Models"

ChatGPT has been the talk of the town for just under a year, but the underlying "Large Language Models" (LLMs) have been around much longer. ERGO has been working on this topic since 2019 and has built up a huge amount of expertise since then. Sebastian Kaiser, Head of Machine Learning at ERGO, Nicolas Konnerth, Head of Conversational AI, and Arijit Das, Machine Learning Consultant, provide an overview in this video interview.

What LLM systems does the team at ERGO deal with beyond ChatGPT? What experience has the team already had with LLMs?

Among other things, Arijit Das, Machine Learning Officer at ERGO, reports on a chatbot prototype he has developed that can answer any product question. It contains various product information on different tariffs. The bot is currently still in the test phase and is constantly being improved.

More on this in the video:

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