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ChatGPT – how does the chatbot actually work?

The hype around OpenAI's chatbot is ongoing and has already been the subject of articles, self-experiments and must-reads here at //next. But hand on heart: Do you understand how ChatGPT really works behind the scenes - or in this case perhaps better: behind your screen? What role do algorithms, vectors and probabilities play in making this fascinating technology work the way it does – and get better all the time? The following two explanatory videos – one in German, one in English – helped us in the editorial team to understand, so we would like to present them to you.

"It feels like there are tips everywhere on how to make money with Chat GPT, criticism and warnings, or funny hacks regarding AI," write the creators of the German YouTube channel Breaking Lab under their video and ask: "Have you really understood how Chat GPT works?"

In their eyes, the technology behind it "often comes up a bit short" or falls by the wayside entirely. "And that's why, in this video, we're going to do a real deep dive into the AI world and take a look at how it all works in the most understandable way possible, how revolutionary Chat GPT really is AND what AI can NOT yet do and may never be able to do!" Sound good? We thought so too at //next, so let's dig in (clip in German):

Arvin Ash's YouTube channel goes into similar depth and explains in his video in English what exactly enables ChatGPT to interpret the context and meaning of a query and produce a relevant answer in grammatically correct and natural language, based on the information that it has been trained on. Also handy: You can find this explanation as text below the video! So it's worth a double click:

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