Mixed Reality

Metaverse at ERGO: What's next? 

ERGO is already preparing for the day when 3D internet could replace the current internet and glasses could replace mobile phones. This video is about applications that ERGO has already implemented and the development of the market beyond the insurance industry.

ERGO has set its sights high in the metaverse – and is already one of the first to launch market-ready applications on the 3D internet.

In our video we talked to Lea Bötticher, Head of the Berlin ERGO Innovation Lab, and her colleague Luisa Schmolke about the latest generation of eyewear. What has changed? And what will come?

An interesting use case was presented by Regina Daun. Together with ERGO Innovation Lab, she has developed the application "Switch off and recharge your batteries with virtual reality" for Learning & Training at ERGO. 

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