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The future of virtual reality

As the world of VR technology continues to evolve, exciting prospects and challenges emerge on the horizon. With the advent of Apple Vision Pro the landscape of immersive experiences is poised to undergo a significant transformation. Are we on the brink of a new era in virtual reality? A comment by Piotr Jeremicz, Technical Lead (iOS) at ERGO Technology & Services.

Apple Vision Pro

In search of the most realistic experiences

The future of VR holds promising possibilities of encompassing other senses. The progress of technology knows no bounds, and human imagination plays a significant role in driving these advancements.

Apple Vision Pro represents a significant step forward in the realm of immersive technology. By bridging gap between virtual and physical worlds, it promises to reshape how we interact with our surroundings. In contrast to traditional VR, the focus lies in expanding our existing reality.

VR's Potential in Breaking Long-Term Barriers

Many believe that electronics will play a similar role in the future, serving as both addictive and helpful tools. Taking the example of blind individuals, electronic advancements could provide them with a form of vision that does not require the use of their hands or bodies to comprehend reality. This would be a significant leap, akin to how phones have become personal assistants, recognizing the world around them.

An excellent illustration of accessibility features can be found on the Apple Accessibility website, showcasing how a person with cerebral palsy can operate a computer using only eye gestures and clicks of an accessible finger. They can perform tasks like video editing, photo editing, and web development like anyone else. This demonstrates the power of computing, programming, and creating devices to make life easier and more inclusive for all individuals.

Milestone in the history of humankind

Simulating new possibilities not only demonstrates their feasibility but also ignites hope within people. And where is hope leads, there is mobilisation, leading to tangible effects. Consider the example of human flight; once considered a fanciful dream of scientists, now a normal and natural part of our lives. Likewise, we find ourselves connecting the dots, venturing into diverse prospects in the realm of technology. Augmented reality may be another such milestone in the history of humankind.

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