Mixed Reality

How is the financial world feeling its way into the metaverse?

"Banks and insurance companies are exploring virtual reality to find new access to customers," writes Handelsblatt this week and asks: "What potential does the combination with digital and AI hold for the industry?" A question we have already asked ourselves here on //next. The business newspaper did its research at the ERGO Innovation Lab in Berlin, among other places.

"Where the future of consulting at the insurer ERGO could be heading can be seen in a future lab in Berlin when looking through data glasses. Employees and customers no longer have to meet physically or communicate via jerky video conferences," the article says. We have already told you about our VR meetings and VR training here on //next. 

The Handelsblatt describes these ERGO offers as follows: "In virtual reality, counselling sessions, employee training and team meetings can be arranged in a deceptively real environment. So real that the first steps feel like your very first driving lesson, when you had to familiarise yourself with the steering wheel, accelerator pedal and brake at the same time and move along the road without harming yourself or others. From the small consultation room to the large town hall, different rooms are available. Everything is embedded in modern architecture, the view through the window shows forest and meadow. An avatar accompanies the conversation and gives advice." The article also includes a quote from ERGO CDO Mark Klein, who has already published on the subject:

Curious now? You can find the full report here free of charge on handelsblatt.com (in German only):

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