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“Digital is about People”: ET&SM seeks reinforcement

Fancy a digital experiment? As part of its current recruiting campaign, the technology and service provider ERGO Technology & Services Management (ET&SM) has developed an ASCII generator that can reinterpret your photos as colourful “digital” works of art.

To demonstrate that ET&SM, as part of the ERGO Group, offers a multicultural environment and is made up of experts who all bring their own history, experience, skills and unique way of thinking, the holding, which has its companies in Germany, Poland and India, has launched an employer branding campaign to recruit additional IT talent: ERGO //Digital World

“With the new ERGO //Digital World campaign we wanted to highlight that working on the future oriented digital solutions is very complex and enables development in many different areas. It translates into both the individual growth of our team members and into being part of a digital journey for millions of internal and external clients,” explains Sabina Salamon, Head of Change and Communications at ET&SM.

The aim of the campaign is to

  • present ET&SM as a future-oriented work environment,
  • to show how diverse a job in the technology sector is, as well as to highlight the
  • the diverse and multicultural team.

ASCII generator attracts attention - just try it out!

The creative concept is based on the use of code elements in images of real people, thus underlining the “digital DNA” of ET&SM. To give everyone the opportunity to feel part of ERGO's digital world, a special ASCII generator was set up. This abbreviation stands for “American Standard Code for Information Interchange”, which developed into the standard code for characters in the early days of the computer age.

At you too can turn your own photos into colourful ASCII artworks – similar to the pictures created for the campaign. And this is how it works:

  • Take a selfie of yourself or select a photo on your device. Make sure that this photo has a light background. This will help the software to do the ASCII conversion.
  • Selects the file to upload.
  • Choose one of three colour palettes.
  • Click on “Generate” and ... wait for the result!

As soon as the ASCII version of the image has been generated, you can share it or, for example, use it as a background image or profile picture in social media or print it out and hang it above your desk. ET&SM and the //next editorial team hope you have fun trying it out!

Text: Ingo Schenk

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