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What is Process Mining?

“Miners” are workers who bring coal to the surface. The new ERGO unit “Process Mining” led by Victor Thoma is also about “digging to the surface”. However, the team is not descending into tunnels, but deep into ERGO's processes in order to optimise them. In our video, Victor Thoma explains what process mining is.

More about Process Mining

Victor Thoma, Head of Process Mining at ERGO, explains how he and his team are working on making processes transparent – and how this benefits customers, business units and ERGO as a whole.

“Process mining is an enabler of our digital transformation”

In an interview held on at the Celosphere Conference in Munich, ERGO CDO Mark Klein explains why process mining increases productivity and customer experience.

“Process mining has an impact on customer experience”

The media information on the new cooperation between ERGO and Celonis is available at

ERGO and Celonis agree on strategic partnership

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