Gaming and insurance – a perfect fit?

More than one in two people in Germany regularly play computer games. A mass market that is also becoming increasingly important for insurers. Sabine Saeidy-Nory, Michael Jüncke and Juri Schneider explain why gaming is an innovation driver, why it makes sense for insurers to engage with the topic and where gamification is already being used.


Sabine Saeidy-Nory, Press Officer for Digital at ERGO, is a passionate gamer. Before joining ERGO, she worked for the German Games Industry Association. Hardly anyone could better understand what gaming is today – and what potential this trend holds.

Above all, gaming is more than just “Generation Z playing games”, she says. A figure to explain: the largest group of video gamers in Germany is the over-50s, the so-called “silver gamers”.

Gamification in DKV's customer service

Michael Jüncke, responsible for Customer Service at DKV, takes advantage of this fact to support his customers in their health care. He has integrated various digital services into the DKV “Health World” website. Many of the offers use gamification, they try to introduce users to the topics in a playful way and with small rewards. From back fitness to sleep aids: the range is wide – and well received.

Gaming insurance and e-sports sponsorship

In addition, games are often constructed with a great deal of attention to detail. In addition to exciting characters and stories, a lot of work is put into the visual presentation of the worlds. For example, historical buildings such as Notre Dame are recreated in great detail. But even seemingly insignificant objects require more effort than you might think at first glance – this is what game designer Juri Schneider, whose parents both work at ERGO, told us.

The question of how to insure gamers' digital possessions was addressed by Sven Schönnecker from nexsurance. He gave insights into the gaming insurance package that nexsurance already offers. Although the demand for it is not yet very high, the topic itself does have potential.

Another exciting area for companies is sponsorship in e-sports: ERGO, for example, is reaching a lot of gamers in 2019 with its sponsorship of the DFB-ePokal, the digital version of the DFB Cup.

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