"AI-driven or rule-based? Our PhoneBots are both at the same time!"

Nicolas Konnerth is Head of Voice at ERGO and, together with his team, made one of the first insurance contracts possible via "Alexa". Now ERGO has developed extraordinary PhoneBots that companies in other sectors and international markets are also interested in. The business informatics specialist reveals how this was done - and what the ERGO bots can do - in an interview.

Nicolas Konnerth Nicolas Konnerth

What can ERGO's PhoneBot do that other bots cannot? Are they powered by artificial intelligence (AI) - or are they rule-based? How are the bots connected at ERGO? To what extent do they already work - how many calls do they handle per day, for example?

Nicolas Konnerth provides detailed answers to all these questions posed by the editors of "IT-Finanzmagazin" - and you can really sense the enthusiasm for his virtual colleagues between the lines! But read it for yourself, you can find the complete interview here (in German only):


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