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Three awards for ERGO digitalizers

ERGO's digital transformation received three awards at the end of January: the "German Excellence Award 2023" in two categories - and a "very good" from "Euro am Sonntag" for its "Communication in the Digital Age".

On Thursday evening, the award ceremony for this year's "German Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievement in Business" took place in Berlin. The gala brought together managers - both from established companies and startups - as well as digital experts and creatives from a wide range of industries. For the fifth time in a row, the initiators had once again sought ideas and projects that act as "innovative drivers in the economy." 162 companies and initiatives, including 32 start-ups, took part - and in the end there were 31 winners, including the ERGO Group in two categories. "I am so proud, Team ERGO. This is the best way to start into a new, challenging year," congratulated ERGO CDO Mark Klein on LinkedIn.

FinTech …

The first award in the "Products & Services FinTech" category went to ERGO Reiseversicherung (ERV) for its cooperation with Air Doctor, a start-up from Israel that quickly puts customers in touch with suitable doctors when they are traveling. Through the collaboration, ERV customers have been receiving even more service for just under a year, in more than 70 travel countries around the world, and easily via app. Read more about it here on //next.

... continuing education ...

The second award, this time in the "Communication & Training" category, went to the "VR Sales Training" by ERGO Akademie and ERGO Innovation Lab, which had already received one of the coveted Eisenhut Awards last fall. Supported by VR glasses, the colleagues each offer training modules on behavior and acquisition, with a choice of different customer types (avatars). More on this topic can also be found here on //next.

... and "very good" digital communication

And the third praise for ERGO this week comes in the form of a magazine article: Under the headline "Digital Champions," the print edition of "Euro am Sonntag" honored the communication of insurance companies in the digital age. The scope of digital offerings, customer service and security were analyzed. ERGO was rated "very good" and scored highly for the scope of our digital services, for example. The editors were particularly impressed by the fact that there is a live chat on ERGO.de as well as on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, which is led by an advisor. According to the article, ERGO is also one of the four providers whose app allows a SEPA direct debit mandate to be issued.

Text: Ingo Schenk

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