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Fully automatic: hot coffee and insurance to go

ERGO Singapore has recently partnered with ‘Crown’, Singapore's first fully robotic coffee chain. Crown operates ‘Ella’ - an Artificial Intelligence-powered robotic barista featuring contactless and autonomous technology. Ella comes with an automated ordering system, mobile app, and e-wallet. The interactive app and the state-of-the-art kiosk allow ERGO Singapore to sell and promote insurance products and create brand awareness.

Foto: Crown Digital

By Himanshu Upadhyay, ERGO Singapur

Once you go digital, the possibilities are endless! Insurance to go – who would have thought about something like this? Crown works on an app-based wallet where individuals can pre order coffee and pick it up at a set time from the robotic kiosk where ‘Ella’, the robot keeps your coffee ready, piping hot. Ella is in a transparent OLED ("TOLED") clad kiosk.

We have already launched our first product on crown platform, a simplified version of travel insurance which can be bought from the Crown app as well as the kiosk in three easy steps. The premium gets charged to the Crown wallet. We are planning to sell more simplified versions of existing products such as personal accident using this channel and at some point, when we have enough data, we are also considering developing specific products for this unique channel. 

Benefits of this channel at a glance:

  • Customer convenience via a seamless and shorter customer journey 

  • Low touch, instant sales process for the customer

  • Simplification and product innovation by the insurer

Crown recently announced that it inked its first major, cross-border deal with Japan Railway Company. In this new partnership, Ella will be deployed across stations of Japan’s largest passenger train line operator in time for Tokyo Olympics.

Ella is designed for unmanned and contactless retail operations in high-volume environments, making it very practical and safe in a post-COVID landscape. Each kiosk is capable of producing 200 cups of barista-quality coffee per hour, operating 24/7.

This allows Insurers like ERGO Singapore to tap into a myriad of engagement possibilities such as advertisements and notifications targeted directly to the end user. On the backend, computer vision powered by artificial intelligence is monitoring the kiosk 24/7 for any abnormalities that may affect Ella’s operations. Meanwhile, a fulfilment module, powered by its own mobile app, uses predictive analytics not only to forecast demand and digitise the supply chain management but also offer relevant products and services to the customers such as Insurance, credit cards and loans.

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