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Documentary: The triumph of artificial intelligence?  

In today‘s content recommendation, arte picks up both AI newbies and those who already dug deeper. Those who are not yet familiar with the topic will find a good basic classification of the opportunities and risks of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the 53 minutes. And those who are already familiar with the topic will get to know some interesting use cases.

Documentary: The triumph of artificial intelligence? (only in German)

Countless content pieces have been produced in recent years on the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence. Whether text, audio or video, the flood of content is hard to navigate through. However, dystopias are often presented and pictures about how much worse the world will become with increasing use of artificial intelligence are painted. I can recommend this video mainly because it takes a balanced view of the topic.

And those who have always wanted to know how Facebook analyzes the images uploaded by its users will also get their time’s worth.

Personally, I'm most interested in artificial creativity. The documentary portraits artificial art director from Japan, into which an advertising agency has fed many creative ideas so that she can learn what people like. 

Text: Markus Sekulla

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