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How good is AI at creating content?

How is the quality of AI created content compared to content created by humans? The UK based advertising and web agency Threepipe Reply has published a webinar answerting this question. And they also looked at how effective these tools are in building content for users and search engine needs.

The webinar was published on the company's YouTube account under the title "AI powered content: Does it work for SEO" and lasts about 35 minutes. Paul Henkel, a B2B content writer from Germany, summarizes the his personal learnings from the program as follows: "In the case of English texts, AI already performs well in two out of five factors: the tools incorporate keywords naturally into the texts, and grammar and spelling are also correct. However, the text structure, source selection and brand tonality are still lacking." 

His conclusion: "It will be a few years before AI tools replace human copywriters." But see for yourself:


AI Powered Content: Does it work for SEO?


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