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Can AI recognise my opinion from tweets? 

Nicolas Konnerth, Head of Voice at ERGO, is exploring the possibilities of AI-supported sentiment analysis. As part of his master's thesis, he asked himself whether an artificial intelligence is able to recognise people's opinions on the basis of their tweets. To make a long story short: In principle, it's possible.

Wissen smarte Algorithmen, was wir denken?

The terms “sentiment analysis” or “opinion mining” are not new to people who deal with speech technology. However, conventional methods have their limits and often a text classified as positive is not as positive as thought. This is because keywords alone are usually not enough to accurately determine a sentiment.

With the help of artificial intelligence, much more reliable analyses are possible, says Nicolas Konnerth, Head of Voice at ERGO. He describes in detail the challenges for the success of a machine learning algorithm in the analysis of texts in his new LinkedIn essay (in German):

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