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AI now creates photos on its own - using nothing but text

Please close your eyes for a moment and imagine a robot couple having a romantic dinner against the impressive backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. Can you imagine the scenery? A new AI application from Google can do the same: Based solely on short texts à la "A robot couple fine dining with Eiffel Tower in the background", the algorithms create the appropriate photos out of thin air. //next links to Google Research's Brain Team and its tool "Imagen".

Google's new, experimental application can create photos on its own - using just text. However, the tool is not available to the public for the time being, as Business Punk magazine reports: The reason is that "Imagen", like most AI tools, is not protected from problematic texts.

It is being developed by Google Research's Brain Team in California. The developers formulate their claim as follows: 

According to Business Punk, the results are "startlingly realistic" and bear a strong resemblance to conceptual photos that could just as easily have been taken by human photographers. Do you think the same? Click here to go directly to the project's website - with explanations of how it works as well as many clear examples of the photos created by the AI and the underlying text templates:

Text: Ingo Schenk

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