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Artificial Intelligence: Munich Re's new expert podcast

"AI - safe and sound" is the new expert podcast series by Munich Re. Together with players from the AI industry, we explore the potential of AI and provide different perspectives on the technology and potential risks.

The podcast description says: "78 percent of decision makers believe AI will disrupt their industry, while at the same time 87 percent of them have no confidence in AI. Why is this and how can this paradox be overcome?"

In the episodes, the experts discuss how to support the development of AI-based innovations that enable better and more consistent decision-making, while managing the downsides associated with new risks. The podcast also provides insights on why an insurance company is the right partner for AI providers.

Two episodes have been published so far

Episode 1: Innovative coverage for AI solutions: Performance guarantees enable the adoption of AI

In this episode, Michael Berger explains the concept of AI as a black box, where risks and lack of trust in AI come from, and how his team enables the adoption of AI technologies by creating more trust with performance guarantees.

Episode 2: AI-based predictive battery state-of-health analytics

This episode is about how smart green technologies will enable the transition towards e-mobility and how an Munich Re can support pioneers to grow their business.

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