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"Bard vs ChatGPT? A winner will be crowned ... for now!"

When two innovative new chatbots vie for the favour of users and market share, it's only natural to put them both through their paces. YouTuber Marques Brownlee has done just that - he pitted the AI assistant in Microsoft's browser Bing against Google's new chatbot Bard. An exciting competition that we didn't want to deprive our users of.

The categories in which Marques had the two assistants compete with each other were "Simple Questions", "Complex Questions", "Performing Tasks", "Information Summary" and "Getting Creative". 

At the end of this exciting competition, the winner is clear for the tech expert - but it is important for him to emphasise that this victory is only a snapshot, because both products are likely to continue to develop rapidly. We will stay tuned for you!

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