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New version: GPT-4 is out now

The new version of Chat-GPT – GPT-4 – can now handle pictures, videos and other media, plus it gives much better responses. Sounds good, but more like a press release. What we like better: a website made only of a served scribble, programming simple games (like Nokia's Snake Woohoo) in minutes without any knowledge. The web is full of news and examples: //next columnist Markus Sekulla has listet his must-reads for us.

The announcement of OpenAI: Announcing GPT-4, a large multimodal model, with our best-ever results on capabilities and alignment:

Twitter: The best thread I've found so far:

NZZ: GPT-4 is there: What can the new artificial intelligence from Open AI do?

Chip: Allrounder ChatGPT

Wired: GPT-4 Will Make ChatGPT Smarter but Won't Fix Its Flaws

TechCrunch: 5 ways GPT-4 outsmarts ChatGPT

MSN: Mira Murati - This Albanian is the tech brain of Chat GPT

Open AI: How Iceland is using GPT-4 to preserve its language

DeepDive: Der GPT-4 Developer Livestream

An overview of what chat GPT is and what it can be used for is available here on //next:

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