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From Deep Learning to "LLM" - these 8 AI terms we should know

Artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived in everyday life. But do you know what is actually meant by the various technical terms on this topic? We have now found a practical glossary of the most important AI topics at Handelsblatt and we would like you to know it as well!

First of all, when people talk about "AI" in general, they can mean any of the following terms. Basically, it is always an attempt to teach machines to speak, see and, to a certain extent, understand, says Handelsblatt. The editorial team therefore explains the most important 8 terms

1. artificial intelligence (AI) / reactive AI,

2. artificial neural networks (KNN),

3. generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI),

4. machine learning (ML),

5. large language model (LLM) / foundation model,

6. deep learning (DL),

7. automatic speech recognition (ASR) / natural language processing (NLP) and

8. computer vision

vividly and with the help of practical examples. But read for yourself (in German):


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