"Covering and preventing cyber pandemics"

Cybercrime could develop similar dynamics to a pandemic in the future, warns ERGO Board member Christian Gründl in a guest article for AssCompact - and outlines the lessons for the insurance industry and (corporate) clients.

"The next pandemic will be digital": We reported on this warning by author, lecturer and Spiegel Online columnist Sascha Lobo on //next just recently. The fact that IT attacks are becoming "ever more sophisticated" is "in digital terms, as if the corona virus is becoming ever smarter and more aggressive - and the countermeasures ever more comprehensive, costly and necessary more quickly". 

Damages in the millions

Christian Gründl, responsible for corporate and industrial business on the Board of Management of ERGO Versicherung AG, argues similarly in the financial magazine AssCompact: "No matter how well companies were covered before 2020 - hardly anyone expected a global pandemic." What the insurance industry has learned from this challenging time can also be applied to the cyber sector: "Because it is not only pathogenic viruses that can cause losses in the millions". 

It may come as a surprise at first glance, but: "There are a surprising number of parallels between major cyber attacks and the Corona pandemic," postulates Christian Gründl - and describes in his guest article what lessons can be learned for the insurance industry and customers from this worsening danger situation. Read the full text here as an e-paper (in German only):


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