"The next pandemic will be digital"

Sascha Lobo is known as an author and lecturer and for his column at Spiegel Online. He takes the hacker attack on Anhalt-Bitterfeld, the first official cyber disaster in the history of Germany, as an opportunity for a drastic warning: "We have to realise that the digital disaster will become a new regularity, almost normality."

As //next has already reported, ransomware attacks have been on the rise for years and, according to Sascha Lobo, are becoming "more and more sophisticated (like almost all digital attacks)". This is "in digital terms, as if the coronavirus is becoming ever smarter and more aggressive - and the countermeasures ever more comprehensive, costly and quickly necessary", the digital expert draws a vivid, current comparison.

As is well known, malware can be viewed with the metaphor of diseases, Lobo continues: "They potentially affect almost everyone - but those who have too weak a defence are particularly at risk. For whatever reason."

A new era for Germany?

Sascha Lobo believes that this is why we can speak of a new era: the time of digital pandemics is dawning. In his latest column for Spiegel Online (text in German only), you can read why Germany, as a "digitally savvy, comparatively old country in terms of people and materials" is "miserably prepared" for this - and why he even interprets the latest major attack in this context as a "turning point" for the Federal Republic and its digital infrastructure:


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