"When it comes to cybersecurity, you need to act, and not react"

Under this motto, the US security service provider Hive Systems runs an ambitious blog with several articles per week, informative graphics and lots of tips on how to avoid cyber risks. We at //next think this is a useful service that security-oriented users should definitely be aware of. 

How can secure passwords be created and, above all, remembered? Do you know what your wireless router at home is up to? What about our privacy on iPhones? And what simple trick can you use to deter hackers before they have even begun their attack?

These are just a few examples of the many topics that Hive Systems - in this young month alone - are covering on their blog. By the way, if the name of this provider sounds familiar to you: we already presented a graphic here on //next at the beginning of the year that vividly shows how quickly weak passwords can be hacked. 

The US experts also respond immediately to the latest incidents, as their article on the failure of Facebook services this week shows. Also practical: Hive Systems classifies each topic, each security gap, each attack into different risk levels. 

Curious? Click here to go to the blog:


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