Cyberrisks: More threatening than recession or pandemic?

How well prepared are German companies to cope with cyberattacks that threaten their existence? Where do they see the greatest dangers? And how much are they willing to invest in order to holistically implement protection against ransomware, data theft and the like? These and many other questions are answered by PwC's global survey "Digital Trust Insights 2023" among more than 3,500 executives.

"New working models, stricter regulations and a continuing acceleration of digitalisation have once again shifted the signs for cyber security in companies," it says in the introduction to the results of the global study for the German market. The development shows more than ever that IT security is not a singular project, but a constant process - especially if it is understood as a pillar of corporate resilience. Above all, the following conclusion makes one prick up one's ears:

So cyber dangers are worse than the current economic crisis or the effects of the pandemic in the form of lockdowns and supply chain problems? The following statistics reveal why: According to the study, almost every third company in this country (30 per cent) has suffered a loss of more than one million US dollars in the most serious case of data theft in the past three years!

# What company leaders (should) therefore do to prepare for this threat situation,

# how important cloud services will be for cybersecurity in the future,

# how much budgets for IT security are growing, and

# why the distribution of board responsibilities for cybersecurity in German companies differs from their international competitors,

PwC reveals on a landing page where you can also download the complete study results after registering:

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