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DKV Spain: Digital Doctor

Based on my symptoms, what illness do I have? This is the question everyone asks when they feel ill. Using the DKV Seguros’ App Digital Doctor, you can find out much more quickly what you have and there is less risk of infection than in the waiting room – directly from the doctor. This is very important, especially in times of Corona.

The Digital Doctor of DKV Seguros in Spain is a health app, which provides quick and reliable answers to the medical needs of customers in a simple, secure and confidential manner. The app offers DKV customers exclusive online medical treatment via chat or video call. In addition, a symptom checker is integrated into the digital service, which evaluates the user’s state of health according to clinical algorithms.

Get the correct diagnosis via the app

The app uses Mediktor, a software as a service solution, which can be integrated into any interface. Mediktor is the only symptom checker, whose success has been proven in a clinical study with patients in A & E units. The data is fully encrypted. Mediktor thus protects the user data in accordance with the European Union‘s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and meets the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the USA.

In this way, the Digital Doctor can provide information immediately about the user’s possible illness or even that of a family member. The app takes into account both the anamnesis and the symptoms, which the customer has previously input. Allergies, medication taken or other illnesses are important factors. A medical dictionary, in which technical medical terms can be looked up, is also integrated.

A great help in times of Corona

The Digital Doctor has been very well received by the customers so far, as shown by the 1,516 monthly users and an average of 2.8 electronic consultations per user. During the Corona crisis, online medical advice was provided free of charge to the entire Spanish population in March 2020. The aim was to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the country. “Since then more than 17,000 people have received medical advice through the digital service”, explains Sandra Serrano Fernández from DKV Seguros. 55 percent of medical consultations in April were virtual.

In contrast to other medical apps, the Digital Doctor allows user to exchange views with a doctor directly via chat or video call around the clock. This makes it easier to determine what the illness is. In addition, pictures and medical documents such as health diaries can be exchanged easily. The user does not necessarily have to visit the doctor personally. The data can be downloaded simply and conveniently – all in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Digital Doctor is appreciated by DKV customers

“Originally the app was developed by Indra, one of the world’s leading technology and consulting firms with the participation of Munich Health”, explains Sandra Serrano Fernández. Over the past three years, the various health apps of DKV Servicios were merged into a single app called “Quiero cuidarme Más” or in English “I want to take more care of myself”. “With this app we offer various digital services such as the electronic medical records, health indicators, a digital coach or even a digital midwife”, says Serrano Fernández. The Digital Doctor is also integrated into the app.

Spain has shown that the Digital Doctor is an app that is much appreciated by DKV customers. It simplifies everyday life and can help people more quickly with regard to illnesses. In this way, long waiting lists at the doctors and thus late diagnoses, which might possibly aggravate the illness, can be reduced.

DKV Seguros assumes that the number of users will also decrease again slightly after the Corona crisis. However, the numbers will probably be higher than before the pandemic. The app should also be used in other countries in the future. “We are talking with potential customers in various countries”, says Sandra Serrano Fernández.

Text: Benjamin Esche

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