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Crispr: Opportunities, risks and advisable optimizations

The fact that - and how - Crispr/Cas9 makes it possible to intervene specifically in the genetic material has already been presented in detail on //next. The Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation (BR) also addressed the opportunities and hopes of this innovative biotechnology as part of its documentary series "beta stories". And also the risks and the weak points that still need to be eliminated. We would like to share this well-balanced video with you. Unfortunately, it is in German only.

Crispr/Cas9: This "gene scissors" raises great hopes. Eradicating hereditary diseases, breeding super-resistant plants, even curing cancer - many things suddenly seem possible. But as with many young technologies, there are still weak points and even risks. Because even with "crisping" mistakes happen, warns BR in the report linked below. In addition, genetic scissors hold out the promise of the perfect human being and designer babies. And: Not every DNA defect is also a disease. And not all of us can or want to participate in a possible optimization spiral. 

So how far can we go in the search for the perfect DNA? And how exactly does this method, which is so groundbreaking that its discoverers were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, actually work? The following documentary (in German only) tries to find answers:

Healing genetic engineering (Video is in German)

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