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Meet the team: We built //next!

We introduce the colleagues who worked in the background with a lot of fun, motivation and know-how to make this website become reality. What we are proud of: Everything is self-made, from the first design sprint to the last button.

You can make it easy and use an existing system to create a new online magazine. Or you can do it like us - and build everything yourself. Because we quickly agreed on one thing: At ERGO, we have the necessary expertise for this. And if we want to talk about digitalisation and new technologies in the insurance industry on this website - well, let's show our expertise right from the start!

We started with a "Design Sprint Lite" to talk about target groups, positioning, purpose and possible features. We philosophised about various design drafts and built various prototypes. And now our new online magazine is actually live! The site is still to be seen as an MVP - we want to continue to work on it and develop further in the future.

Designers, developers and editors from ERGO in Warsaw, Berlin and Düsseldorf worked closely together on the implementation of this website. Our common goal was to bring together outstanding technology, friendly UX, refreshing design and relevant content.

The participating web designers and developers work for ERGO Digital IT, the digital unit of ERGO. The "Digital IT" works in multidisciplinary, international teams with the vision to build an agile company. The long-term goal of "Digital IT" is to drive forward the digital transformation of the ERGO Group. 

We asked the colleagues involved why working on //next was a matter of the heart for them:

Aleksandra "Ola" Zajdzik, Lead Design

For me //next is unique almost from every perspective. Starting from the whole process that included the "Design Sprint Lite", through the visual design and ending with technology because we used Adobe Experience Manager. I have enjoyed the challenge of creating something "different" in the already established  environment. 

Benedykt Celiński, Junior UX Designer

This was actually my first project since joining ERGO Digital IT as a UI/UX Designer. What I liked the most was the fact that I enjoyed a lot of creative freedom to explore different possible forms and layouts that led to a final solution.

Damian Fok, Design Team Lead

For me //next is unique because while designing it not only the magazine was created, but also assets that will help us in the development of further website solutions. My job was supporting Ola and Ben, making sure to provide them with everything that is needed to deliver the project in time and quality.

Tomasz Wikło, Senior Developer

I really enjoyed working on the designs, because I think they look really modern and eye catching. This online magazine is easy to edit by content managers, it looks beautifully and it's intuitive for visitors.


Agnieszka Lisowska, Senior Developer

My favourite part in //next was working on new website components, which are helping content authors to add lively content to the page.

Maciej Matuszewski, Tech Lead

//next was a nice project to deliver. We had a clear vision what's needed, a focused team, a new project from the scratch and no complex dependencies to other systems. Our stakeholder was always happy about the progress. If you sum this all up it was a pleasure to work on //next. 

Paul Hannemann, Business Analyst

My favorite part was presenting our results to the editors, hearing the different perspectives and answering questions I had not thought of myself before. In collaboration with the authors we found several potential ideas and improvements to make //next even better in the future!

Olga Wojda, Scrum Master

As a Scrum Master and Agility enthusiast I have to say I really do appreciate the way that the Team and our Stakeholder Kristina cooperated. We has good feedback from her and the team responded well to the constructive criticism.

Ilias Siamplis, Projekt Manager

The decisive factor of success in this project was the pure agile approach from inception to delivery. Business and IT agreed on a flexible, nevertheless controlled, setup early on from a budget and timeline perspective, having scope and quality as the focal points. On top of that, close collaboration, regular reviews and feedback sessions led to educated decisions and effective steering. The result was a healthy project delivered within budget, extra scope items and top quality.

Juan Carlo Montoya Cardona, Product Owner

The project to provide the organization a digital innovation magazine is just starting, but so far had being efficient and economic from conception to delivery. It is always great to work together with business in an agile fashion and get a valuable feedback all the way thought the final release.

Andreas Lange, Head of Customer Experience 

For the development of //next, we created a shortened Design Sprint format. We had the chance to learn whether the Design Sprint format can be adapted for lean projects as well. 

Kristina Tewes, Content Manager and Editor

I really enjoyed working so closely with the colleagues from ERGO Digital IT. And I think the results are impressive. //next has become an attractive website that is worth seeing. Now, of course, we have to fill this website with relevant content. I am very much looking forward to this.

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