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“Digitalisation is a question of mindset”

Back to the future – in his talk-series “Leader in Cars getting coffee” Heiko Fischer (Resourceful Humans) invited Mark Klein, Chief Digital Officer of ERGO Group, to his DeLorean: “Mark is someone that we like to refer to as a 'leader that brings you the future'. Someone with his experience and his mindset is a true inspiration for all leaders  who want to achieve something new.”

Heiko Fischer and Mark Klein with the DeLorean

For Mark Klein, digitalisation is a question of mindset and culture, not just technology. For him, agile means a different feeling of participation, responsibility and appreciation.

What can be learned from this episode? That a cultural change and a networked organisation is possible in a large cooperation and how to approach it. 

Mark Klein: "Technology empowers employees and gives them the freedom to take care of the important things (customers, empathy, creativity) and it takes the organisation to the next level.

Here is the interview in the DeLorean with Mark Klein and Heiko Fischer:

LIC with Mark Klein | Full Episode (in English)

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