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How would the GenZ solve this?

Again and again we come across questions in our work where we are looking for creative solutions and impulses from outside. On the other hand, young people are often interested in getting to know companies and working on exciting issues in order to get a better impression of the professional world.

But how do young people and companies come together? Especially in times of Corona, fancy trade fairs and fewer direct contact opportunities like internships, this has become challenging.

The start-up Xeem has found a solution. In so-called challenges, companies can have small virtual teams from Generation Z work on questions. These are then presented in a pitch and the winning teams receive prize money. 

Challenge on the recruitment of apprentices

For the first time, ERGO has now launched a challenge on the recruitment of apprentices. The special thing here is that the participants themselves are potentially part of the target group.

In addition to the ideas that are developed for the company, an initial bond is also formed between the challenge participants and the company. The talents have the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes. And the company gets an impression of what moves the next generation on the job market through the discussions in the pitches.

"We are very satisfied with the response to our ERGO challenge so far," says Verena School, Head of Learning & Training at ERGO, which commissioned the first challenge from Xeem. 

A good example for start-up cooperation

Innovation Scout Simon Meier, who "discovered" the start-up for ERGO, adds: "What excites me about Xeem is the opportunity to get new perspectives and approaches to solving internal challenges from young creative people without corporate glasses. I think it's a good example of how start-up cooperation can help companies move forward."

The first ERGO challenge is currently still running, the second will start soon. You can find out how to set up a team and take part here:

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