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Kanban helps reducing your mental load

Verena School is married, has a young daughter and works full time as Head of Learning & Training at ERGO. She also runs the blog "Now Mom". Besides her job, she has what feels like 1001 other tasks to think about. With Kanban, Verena School has found a method to reduce her mental load - the mental strain caused by all the big and small to-dos. On her blog she describes how she uses Kanban. 

As a working mother in a leadership role who also manages her own blog, Verena School has a plethora of different tasks every day. Some are big, others are small, none should be forgotten - and it stresses her out to have to keep all these to-dos in mind. Many other people feel the same way, having to juggle a thousand things between their job, family and hobbies. On her blog, she writes, "Mental load encompasses the little things in life that no one notices much when they're done, but that bring our daily lives to an abrupt halt when they're not."

Verena School has found that Kanban helps her to make all these tasks visible and to organize them better - both in her job and in her private life. In the meantime, all tasks are noted and pinned to the board for all to see. "From my own experience, I can report that the awareness of the many small invisible tasks increases insanely. This has worked for us both at work and at home."


How Kanban works, which principles are behind this agile method, how Kanban can change the collaboration in teams and how Kanban can be transferred to the collaboration in the family, explains Verena School on her blog "Now Mom" and in her podcast step by step (in German only):

And here you can go directly to the podcast:

Text: Kristina Tewes

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