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This topic has been given a boost by the Corona crisis. It is also gaining momentum at ERGO - hybrid working models are being sought, i.e. a mix of mobile working and working hours in the office. But "New Work" means more than location- and time-flexible working. It also means "New Leadership": personal responsibility and the development of the individual's potential are central values.

As many ERGO colleagues are currently dealing with the various aspects of New Work, we have received a correspondingly large number of content tips. For this reason, today we have Part 1 with the recommendations of Head of Organisational Development, Dagmar Brück, and her team. Part 2 (and possibly even Part 3) with many other content highlights will follow shortly. 

Tipp 1: Policy article and dossier of the Zukunftsinstitut: The megatrend New Work

The Zukunftsinstitut has compiled a comprehensive and constantly growing dossier on the topic of New Work, which opens with the keynote article "The Megatrend New Work". Here it says: "The understanding of work is undergoing fundamental change under the influence of digitalisation and post-growth movements: the classic career has had its day, the question of meaning is coming to the fore. The boundaries between life and work are blurring in everyday life in a productive way. In the future, work will be the sum of all occupations in different phases of life.

Tipp 2: The classic: "Reinventing Organizations" (by Frederic Laloux) - An (illustrated) guide to designing meaningful forms of cooperation

With Reinventing Organizations, Frederic Laloux has written the basic book for integral organisational development. The breadth and depth of his analysis and description - of holistically, self-organising and meaningfully operating companies - is unique. The illustrated version makes the work even more interesting and easier to understand.

Tipp 3: The practice-oriented book: "New Work Hacks" (by Schnell & Schnell)

This book is suitable for anyone who wants to actively improve the future of work in the here and now with simple hacks.

Tipp 4: The blogzine for the new world of work - New Work Stories

On her blog "New Work Stories", journalist Nicole Thurn provides inspiration, impulses and experiences from the world of New Work: "In my opinion, the age of digitalisation is at the same time the age of the human being (robots or not). In the future, companies can no longer afford to hire the wrong employees or use the right ones in the wrong way. Work should not only bring money, it must not only be fun, it must give meaning."

Tipp 5: Podcast series: "On the Way to New Work"

Michael Trautmann and Christoph Magnussen are two entrepreneurs from Hamburg who are excited about the possibilities of new tools and methods to change work. The podcast "On the Way to New Work" was originally intended as a research tool for a book on the topic of New Work. The podcast was better received by guests and listeners than expected: since 1 May 2017, there has been a new episode every Monday morning on Spotify, iTunes and Podigee.

Tipp 6: A brief summary of the "New Normal"

In his book "New Normal", author Joachim Gutmann looks at the opportunities that the changes in the world of work brought about by the Corona crisis: "Whether working in a home office or with time autonomy, whether the relevance of individual health or the health system, whether digitalisation and automation, whether workplace design or communication: trends can be derived from the Corona experience that point far into the future."

Tipp 7: 13 more recommendations from the HR Pioneers

Behind our last tip are actually 13 more book, podcast and series recommendations from the HR Pioneers staff.

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