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Our content highlights on the future of the office

There are numerous articles on the topic of New Work, which Johann Haidn, Facility Manager at ERGO Group, likes to share and discuss with his colleagues: "The theses are sometimes provocative and/or contradictory. However, different perspectives and sources are very important in my estimation," he says. For //next, the facility manager has compiled six content recommendations (in German). By profession, Haidn particularly enjoys dealing with the challenges for modern (office) spaces. 

#1: ARD-Mediathek - in the programme: Mehr/Wert: „Homeoffice - Arbeiten wir bald alle zuhause?“

Corona has accelerated home office. Before the pandemic, only one in ten people worked from home - now there are more than twice as many. Experts say there is still a lot of room for improvement - but there are also disadvantages.

#2: New Work - but properly!  

The philosopher Christoph Quarch and the "cultural capital producer" Jan Teunen have formulated theses and impulses on the future of office work: "Office facilities should [...] be rethought". Transformation is necessary.

Jan Teunen was also a guest on the Happy Work Podcast:

#3: Office Pioneers: „Outlook on the office 2030“

What might office work and offices look like in 2030? What will be more important then than today, what less? In the anthology "Office Pioneers", experts formulate answers to these questions.

#4: More quality instead of reduction: "Offices will not get smaller in the future!" 

Home office and less travel are also seen as the order of the day after Corona. This is an opportunity to finally create office landscapes that give people space for one thing above all in a digital world: for creativity, exchange and encounter - explain interior designer Beate Wild and Prof. Dr. Volker von Courbière, specialist for corporate culture, for Focus magazine.

#5: "Back to the office? Now is the right time to try out completely new working models"

After the pandemic, it should not be about permanent home office versus compulsory attendance at the office, says labour and organisation scientist Dr Max Neufeind. He believes that we must now have the courage to try out completely new working models.

#6: "The desk is dead"

The future of work has become the present through the pandemic, says Raphael Gielgen. Here, the furniture trend scout reveals why remote farms and virtual realities are part of it. He says: "I am convinced that physical and virtual workplaces will be on an equal footing in five to ten years. Everyone will be able to work with everyone there."

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