New Mobility

Subscription cars: Do they have a future?

The renowned automotive expert Prof. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, Director of the CAR Institute, joined ERGO Board Member Karsten Crede in the ERGO Tower in Düsseldorf to discuss this - and other exciting mobility trends.

Photo:  Visiting ERGO's headquarters in Düsseldorf at the end of October: Prof. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer (back right). Hist host was ERGO's Karsten Crede (back left).

You can see the lively discussion below via the ERGO Group YouTube channel (in German only). Host of this event was Karsten Crede, Head of ERGO Mobility Solutions, who, in early 2020, had been invited by Ferdinend Dudenhöffer to the 20th Car Symposium in Bochum as a guest speaker. The symposium also focused on alternative drive systems, automated driving and the trend towards leasing rather than owning cars.

Video: Jeroen Minnebo / Text: Ingo Schenk

Ferdinand Dudenhöffer and Karsten Crede (German only)