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Improve road safety with the help of AI

Berlin-based start-up Peregrine Technologies is applying Artificial intelligence (AI) to traffic video analytics - a data-driven approach that aims to improve traffic safety and reduce congestion and emissions in cities.

Peregrine is one of the start-ups that Munich Re and ERGO have jointly funded with EIT Climate-KIC in the 2019 Accelerator Program. EIT Climate-KIC is the European Union's largest public-private climate initiative. It includes a successful accelerator for cleantech start-ups. It supports young companies that develop climate protection solutions. Now Peregrine has been successful in finding investors.

“Our vision is to build a safer and more sustainable mobility ecosystem for all using video analytics”, says Peregrine Technologies co-founder and CEO Steffen Heinrich. “Now, we can expand the reach of our smart camera network and bring visual high-risk assessment to fleet operators around the world to make traffic safer and logistics operations more efficient.”

Contextual information is in demand

Peregrine's co-founders have spent much of their previous careers working for car manufacturers and automotive technology companies both in Europe and in Silicon Valley. They recognized early on what today's vehicle data services for the mobility sector lack: contextual information.

In today's mobility sector, more and more systems are processing driving patterns, road users and in-vehicle data - but contextual information is still hard to come by. Peregrine provides drivers, fleet operators, and other service providers - such as insurance companies - with an overview of what is actually happening in a vehicle's environment and how to make sense of it. Using this information can significantly improve driver safety - even in the short term - especially in the fast-growing logistics and delivery sector.

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