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How technology could keep football fans safe at stadiums

Anyone who has been following the EURO 2020 on TV these days has inevitably wondered whether the corona pandemic is already over, finds //next columnist Markus Sekulla. Especially the game Hungary versus Portugal with roundabout 60,000 spectators - without wearing masks - on June 15 in the Puskas Stadium in Budapest is the number one example of the fact that in some countries normality seems to have almost returned. 

The first feeling of a passionate soccer fan: Goose bumps. The first thought in a pandemic-accustomed head: Is this safe? Or are the Corona numbers in Hungary now going through the roof?

A BBC News article on the start of the Premier League last autumn shows that there are possibilities and ideas on how technology could protect the fan experience on match day. Business reporter Bill Wilson has compiled and highlighted various ideas and approaches. Among others, his article looks at managing and predicting crowd movement using data analytics, as well as tracking crowds on matchday itself using event apps.

Read the complete article here:

How the development between digital vaccination card and emerging variants will be in Germany in the coming months remains to be seen. The other stadiums' variant with give or take 15,000 fans also brought me goosebumps - but looks more appropriate for now.

Text: Markus Sekulla

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