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Networked technologies provide an increasingly relevant customer approach

The systems "NBA | NBO" and "Speech Analytics" have the nicknames "Lucy" and "Paul" at ERGO. "Lucy" and "Paul" have recently started working closely together with the goal: to make the customer approach even more accurate by digitally evaluating customers' verbal feedback.

With its "hybrid customer" business model, ERGO offers numerous access channels and (self-)services in order to meet the constantly changing and expanding expectations of its customers. The company generates additional knowledge about its customers by collecting and analysing a wide variety of data. Success stories from other industries, such as Amazon or Google, clearly show the potential of data-based business models - both in terms of growth rate and customer orientation. 


Customer experience "from a single source"

"At ERGO, we are known to combine the best of both worlds - i.e. insurance business via the sales partner network as well as direct or digital touchpoints and self-services", says Christian Güntsch from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Nuremberg: "This means that our customers can expect tailor-made offers and services regardless of the channel or time they choose". In order to live up to this claim, ERGO has spent "a great deal of effort over the past few years to bring together data and create new systems that ensure we offer a one-stop customer experience - whether at the sales partner, in the call centre or in customer service." 

Two of these systems are NBA | NBO and Speech Analytics, embodied by "Lucy" and "Paul". These two systems support their colleagues at ERGO on a daily basis. As a reminder: 

NBA | NBO ("Next Best Action" and "Next Best Offer") determines customer-specific product and action recommendations on the basis of countless data signals and makes them available at different points of contact. These recommendations are available in a manageable form in the applications of the sales partners, for example, at the time of a sales partner's annual meeting with the customer or when a call is made to the call centre. And soon "Lucy" will also support conversations in customer service - this is already being tested in pilot operation. More about the NBA | NBO can be found here.

Speech Analytics, in turn, automatically captures and "understands" the content of a steadily growing portion of the conversations conducted at Dialog Sales. Of course, the customers are asked for their consent before the conversation. If they agree to the recording, "Paul" captures a lot of information that until now has largely remained unused due to time constraints. This treasure trove of data is then used for analyses, alerts, lead generation and training purposes, among other things. 

"These two systems have already been doing amazing things independently of each other for some time now," Christian Güntsch is pleased to say: and their scope of services is constantly being expanded, driven by his CRM division. In July, another long-planned milestone was reached:  

Speech Analytics and NBA | NBO now work hand in hand

"The first use case of this networking is that Speech Analytics specifically 'listens' to whether certain product recommendations are addressed by the customer advisor," Güntsch explains. A negative statement by a customer leads to this recommendation no longer being played in NBA | NBO for half a year. "Through this direct feedback, more relevant and thus more successful recommendations are generated. 

Christian Güntsch, Customer Relationship Management at ERGO

It started with customer feedback on the recommendation of dental insurance policies, followed later by other tariffs. In addition, positive feedback will also be recognised in future and taken into account on a case-specific basis. 


But it does not end there. There are still countless opportunities to leverage valuable potential through the interaction of "Lucy and Paul". The breakthrough has been achieved. Now it is time to expand the added value for customers and employees step by step.

Text: Ingo Schenk

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