Smart Data

"Our data treasure is our unique selling point"

What makes ERGO's data treasure so unique? And how, as a data-driven company, do we use this asset as securely as possible and in compliance with data protection laws for the benefit of our customers, colleagues and our own competitiveness?

This is what ERGO data experts Tim Stettner (left) and Felix Wenzel explained to us as part of our "digital morning" video format:

ERGO CDO Mark Klein also recently blogged here on //next on the topic of "data strategy" and called for not only data protectionists and data engineers to deal with data - "but everyone, literally from the archivist to the underwriter".

After all, data only becomes an asset when it is not left to go stale on a server as “dark data”. According to Mark, this is a question of mindset for each and every one of us: "We should see data as an opportunity (and a risk) and be better placed to weigh up the pros and cons."

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