DIA 2020: An inspiring event virtually as well

At the "Digital Insurance Agenda" (DIA) conference, start-ups and insurers traditionally meet in Amsterdam or Munich to discuss new trends and network. This year, due to the pandemic, the virtual "DIA Prime Time" was held instead. ERGO experts took part - and share their impressions with //next readers.

In normal times, the "Digital Insurance Agenda" (DIA) is considered "Europe's largest InsurTech conference". ERGO Innovation Scouting and colleagues from some other ERGO units regularly visit DIA conference to look for inspiring innovative ideas and start-up partners. 

In 2020, the DIA became a virtual event

This year, due to the Corona pandemic, the first virtual version took place: "DIA Prime Time" - an exciting, five-day streaming show from November 30 to December 3 with inspiring guests, interviews and talk shows. During 36 "Show&Tell" sessions and 11 “DeepDives", startups and their corporate partners demonstrated real-world use cases and the impact they have achieved. In addition, more than 20 keynote speakers, thought leaders of the insurance industry, shared their insights. 

Selected observations of the ERGO participants: 

  • The increasing willingness to collaborate can be observed both among start-ups and large corporates. Therefore, entire ecosystems of InsurTechs, insurers, accelerators etc. are currently emerging across the industry, networking with players from outside the industry and jointly driving innovation at an unprecedented speed. 

  • The two perennial hot topics "artificial intelligence" and "digital health", to which //next has dedicated its own channels for good reason, were particularly prominently represented. 

  • But of course, thematic complexes such as the digitization of distribution, platform providers or no-code/low-code applications were not missing at this year's "DIA Prime Time".

Have you become curious? The date for DIA 2021 has not yet been fixed, but here you can keep up to date:

And this is what the ERGO participants say about "DIA Prime Time" experience this year:

<p>&quot;Start-ups as partners open up new perspectives for ERGO. They bring with them interesting ideas, valuable customer insights as well as state-of-the-art technologies. DIA is an excellent platform to connect and discover collaboration opportunities with them. It was therefore a great pleasure for us to share some tickets with the Innovation Community this year.”</p> <p><b>Hanbing Ma (Head of ERGO Innovation Scouting)</b></p>

<p>&quot;It is my second experience in a DIA event and despite not being able to meet personally with the participants. It has been a very interesting experience! Seeing the number of initiatives around the world of insurance helps us to see how our business has evolved - with innovative solutions focused on specific aspects that they should allow us to enrich our offer of products and service&quot;.</p> <p><b>Maria Jesus Castro Torres (CIO of DKV Seguros)</b></p> <p><b>&nbsp;</b></p> <p><b>&nbsp;</b></p>

<p>&quot;Whether on site or digitally, DIA is a very professional event for me with countless inspirations from the entire industry and beyond. My personal highlight this year was Teemu Arina with his 'Five fundamental ways to optimise health outcomes with data.”</p> <p><b>Stefan Schwarz (ERGO Innovation Scout)</b></p>

<p>&quot;In an impressive TV-like format, DIA has once again managed to impress. Despite virtualisation - or perhaps precisely because of the virtual possibilities - the participants at this conference were able to get to know and discuss an almost unmanageable number of trends and innovations in the insurance industry. Play it again, DIA!&quot;</p> <p><b>Christoph Garstecki (Manager Digital Sales at ERGO Travel Insurance)</b></p>

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