5 tips for more climate friendly surfing and streaming

With the following advice you will save the batteries in your mobile devices and above all: our climate. Five tips for saving electricity, which every Internet user should take to heart - for the sake of the environment.

Eine Frau liegt auf dem Sofa und surft auf ihrem Tablet

Around three percent of global CO2 emissions are caused by data traffic on the Internet. The reason: watching series, using search engines, shopping online or writing e-mails consumes a lot of energy. A large proportion of these emissions are generated in the data centers where the data is processed.

The good news: "Every Internet user can help reduce energy consumption," says Jonas Weinknecht from ERGO. For example, there are e-mail providers and search engines that use green electricity or try to keep the number of servers to a minimum. The colleague also knows the following tips:

  1. Since searching directly in the browser bar causes a lot of CO2, it is better to use a search engine or enter the complete URL of the website. 
  2. If you want to send large files or many images, you can do this, for example, via the download link of a cloud provider. This is because e-mail attachments consume a lot of energy, storage and computing power. 
  3. Streaming services also generate a lot of CO2. But users don't have to do without them: watching movies, series and video with lower resolution reduces energy consumption. 
  4. And the smaller the screen, the lower the network load. 
  5. And: Streaming via WLAN is more climate-friendly than in mobile networks.

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