Must Watch: “Talk in a Tesla” with the ChangeRider

With his “ChangeRider” format, Philipp Depiereux has established a video series that has made //next author Kristina Tewes a fan: For her, his talk in a Tesla belongs in the “must watch” category. Every two weeks, Depiereux takes inspiring conversation partners along in his car and philosophizes about digitization, innovation, social change and the new way of working.

Philipp Depiereux, ChangeRider Foto: Philipp Depiereux, ChangeRider

The passengers have already included celebrities such as digital expert Christoph Bornschein (here on //next also in conversation with ERGO CDO Mark Klein), Magdalena Rogl (Head of Digital Channels at Microsoft), politician Cem Özdemir (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) or Digital State Minister Dorothee Bär, but also "completely normal" committed people such as social pedagogue Christine Mayerhofer, with whom he spoke about digitization in kindergarten.

"The majority of people are skeptical or even fearful of the topic of change. But there are the doers and shapers who are already successfully embracing change or are on their way to doing so. I want to show people how today's mostly digital innovations are positively enriching their lives and that it is worthwhile to actively shape change. Innovations and change are the basis for our success as an economy and society. We need more courage again in Germany and Europe," Depiereux describes his motivation.


The talk series is filmed along the lines of the famous "Carpool Karaoke," with several cameras recording the discussions during the drive. In the meantime, the insider tip has long since become a well-known format that is now also hosted by t3n.

Since the start of the Corona pandemic, Depiereux has unfortunately no longer been able to take his guests along as passengers in the car because of the risk of infection. His video chats are also worth watching - but I'm already looking forward to seeing him and his guests in the Tesla again.

All episodes of "ChangeRider" are available on YouTube, among other places:


Preview - What awaits you at ChangeRider

Based on his countless conversations with corporate leaders, Philipp Depiereux has also written a book in which he shares many anecdotes on the topic of digital transformation: "Werdet Weltmutführer. With courage and a new mindset into the digital future". More information is available on the official website:


Text: Kristina Tewes

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