For your calendar: The top tech conferences 2021

//next columnist Markus Sekulla has looked around to see which tech conferences are worth recommending in Germany (and Europe) this year. He believes that the future lies in hybrid events.  And he hopes that many offline events will soon be possible again.

As a digital person, I have a great preference for offline events. Really, with saying "hello" and shaking hands and all that. This is only a contradiction at first glance, as most digitalos also like to meet and exchange ideas "off the grid". Often in small circles, but sometimes also at large events and conferences. In addition, such events always offer the opportunity to polish up one's own knowledge through innovative presentations and to discuss what one has learned with other experts right away.

In 2020, just about everything was different in the world of events. Of course, it is to be hoped that many events will soon be possible again in offline form. But the future lies in hybrid events which offer ... 

a) ... an offline event with networking, viva con aqua and lots of coffee in all forms as well as  

b) ... information overload at home for all those who didn't want to make the trip for environmental reasons, didn't get a vacation or just want to educate themselves.

Thus, we've taken a look around to see what tech conferences are worth recommending in Germany (and Europe) in 2021. Curated by me, therefore there is of course no claim to completeness. But feel free to post in the comments if you have any other events you're looking forward to in 2021. 

March 3 – AI CON 2021 – (

March 11-12 - Work & Culture (

March 16-20 – SXSW – Online only – (

April 12-16 – European Blockchain Convention – Online Only (

April 21-22 - Big-Data.AI Summit – Online only – (

May (dates still n.n.) – Re:publica – Online only (

May 6-7 – WorkflowAnalytica (

May 10-12 – BeyondTellerrand – Dusseldorf / Online (

May 13-14 - AI World Congress 2020 – Online only (

June 28-29 – We Are Developers World Congress – Berlin – (

June 28 - July 1 – Mobile World Congress – Barcelona (

July 7-9 - BLOCKCHANCE EUROPE 2021 – Hamburg (

September (dates still n.n.) – Bits and Pretzels – Munich (

September 30 – October 1– Digital Insurance Agenda – Munich (

October (dates still n.n.) World Summit AI – Amsterdam (

Oktober – (2021 Termin folgt) The Next Web – Amsterdam (

November 1-4 – Web Summit – Lissabon (

November 23 - Digital Health Conference – Bitkom – (

Of course, in addition to the classic once-a-year events, there are also ongoing opportunities to participate in events. CreativeMornings are a personal recommendation here. Once a month (Fridays at 8:30am). creative talks on a given topic take place in many cities around the world. More information about current dates and a large database of past events can be found at:

Text: Markus Sekulla

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