Legal Techs: "But I never argue?"

"You can settle all that peacefully, can't you?" "I never argue." "I just google if I'm right." These statements come when you ask young people if they have legal expenses insurance. "We conducted interviews with a young customer segment worldwide and found that a large proportion consider themselves to be peaceful and in need of harmony," says Bessem Ayari, a consultant in ERGO's "Global LPI" division, about a Group-wide legal protection project. When disagreements do arise, many are happy to take advantage of the services offered by so-called legal techs. 

Legal Techs are start-ups that deal with the automation of legal activities and offer individual services, such as the legal review of documents, flight delays or traffic violations. A separate ecosystem has formed here with legal advice and services. ERGO also cooperates with some of these providers. "We have seen a clear trend towards legal techs and have entered into some exciting partnerships in this area", explains Simon Meier, Innovation Scout at ERGO.

Simon Meier, Innovation Scout at ERGO
Bessem Ayari, Consultant at ERGO Global LPI

JAASPER: Can I be warned off by it?

JAASPER, a start-up based in Vienna, has one thing written all over it: "Prevention instead of escalation". According to this approach, customers can have their websites checked for data protection conformity using an innovative analysis tool. This not only checks whether or not an imprint exists, but also compares the data protection declaration with the cookies that have been set. In addition, it is checked whether all prescribed contents are present or necessary clauses are missing. This automated check is carried out within minutes using artificial intelligence. In this way, users receive certainty about the status of the legal security of their website and are shown possible risks, such as a warning letter, in good time.

MieterEngel: Can I be evicted from my flat because of a puppy?

The Berlin-based start-up MieterEngel offers tenants fast digital access to legal advice in rental disputes. This enables legal advice from a safe, virus-free distance even in times of pandemic, despite home offices, home schooling and lockdown. Clients appreciate the time-saving possibility of legal support in hectic everyday life. The answer from the partner lawyers of MieterEngel reaches clients comfortably on their sofa - within 48 hours - either by telephone at an agreed time or in writing via the portal. For us, the cooperation is therefore a good (digital) addition to our advisory services.

VULCOM: Can I be hacked?

VULCOM offers a so-called "Cyber Quick Check" for small and medium-sized enterprises in Austria. The aim here is to check cyber compliance in minutes and determine the status of a company's cyber security. Many businesses are not always aware of their potential cyber threats, especially smaller businesses. When it comes to cyber attacks, hackers are often not concerned with the size of the business or how prosperous it is. Rather, attackers proceed on the principle of "identify security gaps and attack". We would like to strengthen this awareness among our customers in order to minimise risks from cyberspace in good time in the future.

Text: Amelie Merten

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