These tech trends impact the insurance industry

The new edition of the Tech Trend Radar is out now! Since 2013, the report provides a comprehensive overview of technology-driven trends and developments that have an impact on the insurance industry. In its anniversary year, there are some special features – including a survey on the needs of the GenZ.

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The Tech Trend Radar is an initiative of Munich Re and ERGO. Together with its own experts and external partners such as the Institute of Electronic Business e. V. or Forrester and Gartner, future trends are collected, aggregated and evaluated to provide a comprehensive overview of technology trends, their maturity and relevance for the insurance industry.

For the current edition, 48 significant trends were selected across five themes: Healthy Human, Connected Experience, Data & AI, Cyber & Crypto and Redefining Industries.

Next Gen Insurance

In addition to the five trend fields, two additional chapters have been released for the first time. On the one hand, there are regional pages in which experts from North and South America, Europe, the UK, the Asia-Pacific region and the African continent have their say and give their assessments of relevant tech trends.

On the other hand, the chapter Next Gen Insurance looks at the needs of the digital-savvy target group. The chapter is based on a survey. The GenZ, also known as post-millenials, value convenience, clarity, transparency and trustworthiness of insurance products and services, and insist on a strong adaptability to new products and circumstances.

Embracing change

Compared to the first edition of TTR 10 years ago, it can be seen that there is a much larger number of technologies to choose from today. The biggest challenge is to shape the culture in companies in a way that embraces change and takes advantage of opportunities while maintaining core values.

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