"Wow, so this is a quantum computer"

You probably have heard about quantum computers - or the “race for quantum supremacy” between governments and companies. Or you might have read that quantum computers might break all encryption, or you might have heard terms like “qubits” or “superposition” or “quantum mechanics”. But you might be wondering: What does a quantum computer actually do? And how could it actually affect my life? Here on //next, we have already tried to give you answers to those questions. But now, YouTubers Cleo Abram and Marques Brownlee are taking us behind the stage of the world's biggest quantum computer.

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"Marques and I both realized quantum computing was this big important technology - that we didn’t really understand," Cleo writes as an introduction to their shared video: "So we decided to go on an adventure to learn the truth about quantum computers. And we're taking you with us, to show you what we learn as we learn it. But more importantly, to show you how these crazy computers might actually impact your life ... sooner than you think." But see for yourself:

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