Our content highlights for long winter evenings: Voice

In the second part of our content highlights for long winter evenings, we have recommendations on the topic of voice assistants. Among others, Sebastian Groth, Product Owner Voice & Conversation at ERGO, presents his current favourites on the web. There are supplements on the topic of "Voice Design" and "Voice Assistants in the Hotel of the Future".

Tipp 1: Interview with Dave Limp, Senior Vice President of Devices and Services at Amazon

by Sebastian Groth, Product Owner Voice & Conversation at ERGO

The Verge invited Dave Limp (SVP of Devices & Services at Amazon) to talk about Alexa, in which he gives very exciting insights into the business behind Alexa:

Tipp 2: Voice recognition powered by Google Tensor - Pixel 6 Launch

by Sebastian Groth, Product Owner Voice & Conversation at ERGO

Sebastian writes: "Being a big fan of Google's Pixel phones myself, the product launch of the new Pixel 6 also knocked my socks off because Google spent ten minutes of the hour-long presentation talking about new voice recognition and translation features."

Speech Recognition Powered by Google Tensor - Pixel 6 Launch

Tipp 3: Number one contact point for voice content

by Sebastian Groth, Product Owner Voice & Conversation at ERGO

Our colleague writes: "My number one source for voice news is has, among other things, a well-moderated podcast in which personalities from the voice industry have their say week after week."

Tipp 4: Cheryl Platz gives insights into the world of VUI design

by Kristina Tewes, Social Media Manager at ERGO

"US-American Cheryl Platz has worked on a wide variety of voice-controlled user interfaces in her professional life: from video games to cars, from Cortana to Alexa. She has also taught VUI design to hundreds of designers around the world. Her Medium blog also features a wealth of posts around voice and conversational design."

UX Design Talk: What is Voice User Interface Design?

Tipp 5: Voice assistants in the hotel of the future 

by Markus Sekulla, freelance digital consultant

Markus writes: "Forbes magazine presents the 'hotel of the future': Anyone checking into the Kimpton Rowan in Palm Springs, California, will meet Josh. He is an automatic voice assistant and can, for example, lower the blinds, switch on the TV and give information about the resort. Josh's job is to make the guests' stay at the Kimpton Rowan a pleasure."

"This blog post on fits in with this: Gurvinder Singh is a hotel entrepreneur who has been an early adopter of voice technology for many years. In an interview, he talks about his experiences and gives insights into what makes a voice assistant successful in the hotel industry," Markus adds:

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