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Mark Klein, Chief Digital Officer at ERGO, and the renowned digital expert Christoph Bornschein talk to ERGO colleague Amelie Merten on "//next Talk" about digital topics from the insurance and business sector - and a few private habits. The two experts are in agreement on one thing: no matter how far technology permeates everyday life and work, it must be geared to people.

//next Talk with Christoph Bornschein, CEO TLGG, and Mark Klein, CDO ERGO Group



Christoph Bornschein advises politicians and board members of DAX corporations on the topic of "digitalization". He, personally, wouldn't use that term. He prefers to talk about "technology and softwareization". For him, these terms mean that technology and software will penetrate everything – thus making everyday life and work easier.

In his lively discussion with ERGO's Mark Klein, the two experts agreed: No matter how far technology permeates everyday life and work, it must be guided by human beings. Mark Klein says: "Technology is supposed to create freedom for people, for example from stereotypical activities. Then there is more time for creativity, empathy and emotions – skills that technology does not possess."

Other topics of the discussion were mobility, leadership culture in digitalisation, lifelong learning, digitalisation in the health sector and, of course, insurance in general.

When asked if he would rather insure himself or bear the risk himself, Christoph Bornschein replied: "Insure – I just checked that yesterday. According to the evaluations, I am very well protected, but I am probably more overinsured – I have everything." However, he does not have private or professional cyber insurance, as he personally prefers to invest in cybersecurity.

Text: Amelie Merten

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