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Corona as a driver of digitalisation?

Is Corona really a digitalisation accelerator? Or are we actually falling short of the possibilities? Thomas Jarzombek (Member of the German Bundestag) and Mark Klein (CDO ERGO Group) discuss this in the fifth part of our //next Talk.

Part 5: Corona as a driver of digitalisation?


The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) published a study last year on the most innovative companies worldwide. Not a single European company was among the top 20. In the fourth part of "our //next Talk", ERGO CDO Mark Klein and MdB Thomas Jarzombek talk about the digital future of Europe - and whether their children will find good jobs here later.

Part 4: Is Europe competitive?

In the third part of our "//next Talk", things get philosophical: ERGO CDO Mark Klein discusses with Thomas Jarzombek (Member of the German Bundestag) the fundamental sense - and the advantages - of digitisation. Mark Klein advises companies to pursue concrete goals with their digitalisation offensives - because this is how resilience and competitiveness can be increased efficiently and sustainably. Thomas Jarzombek agrees - but also encourages companies to experiment. And to approach technology in a playful way in order to find the right solutions for themselves.

Part 3: Why digitisation?

In the second part of our "//next Talk", ERGO CDO Mark Klein talks to Thomas Jarzombek (MP) about WOW moments in digitalisation. Thomas Jarzombek looks at the exciting digital companies and start-ups that now exist in Germany. Mark Klein appreciates the great flexibility and freedom we have gained through constant bandwidth availability. 

Part 2: Wow moments in digitalisation


The first part of our video series is about mobility concepts of the future. Thomas Jarzombek thinks we are in a good position in Germany when it comes to the air cab. Read more in the video:

Part 1: Taking the air cab to work?


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