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Innovation Scouting: Successful cooperation with start-ups

In the //next Talk, Mark Klein, CDO ERGO Group, Hanbing Ma, Head of Innovation Scouting, and Amelie Merten, Digital Transformation Manager, talk about cooperation with start-ups: How and where does a Group find the right start-up, what makes for successful cooperation - and why does ERGO work with start-ups at all?

The Innovation Scouts from ERGO and Munich Re play a major role here: they approach innovative founders worldwide and track down new trends. However, it is also part of their job to critically scrutinise and test the solutions. Mark Klein and Hanbing Ma agree: ERGO does not have to find its own solution for everything if there is already something suitable on the market.

A total of three companies present themselves as examples of start-up cooperation. "binah.ai" made the start. Their app measures vital signs via video or fingerprint with the smartphone - without any additional medical devices. 

Promising Start-ups Part 1: binah.ai from Tel Aviv

One week later, the video on the start-up "Rocket Enterprise Solutions" has also been integrated into this article - as Part 2:

Promising Start-ups Part 2: Rocket Enterprise Solutions

In Part 3, a clip on the provider "Celonis" followed: 

Promising Start-ups Part 3: Celonis

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