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Digital and more: Content tips for the festive season

As the year draws to a close, ERGO digital expert Sabine Saeidy-Nory has put together her favourite books, podcasts and TV reports on innovation and digitalisation for you. There's plenty of inspiration for the festive season ...


📕 Eva Wolfangel, „Ein falscher Klick“, topic: Cybersecurity  

📚 Katharina Zweig, „Ein Algorithmus hat kein Taktgefühl“ (Part 1) and „Die KI war’s!“ (Part 2), conveys the basic functions of AI and its pitfalls

📘 Chris Miller, „Chip War“, shows how dependent our society is on microchips and the battle for them

📰 Geokompakt, „Die Geburt der Maschinen“, for anyone who wants a comprehensive overview of AI and robotics

📰 MIT Technology Review, „Der nächste Computer“, all about VR, AR, AI

📰 Brand eins, „Nie wieder doof“, edition on AI

📰 MIT Technology Review, „KI kommt in die Schule“, focuses on the transformation of the education system through digitalisation

📰 Human Magazine, „Mensch und KI“ (Ausgabe 1) and „Lernen mit KI“ (Ausgabe 2): A format dedicated to the topic of AI with a view to its impact on people and society. There are contributions from the categories of the future of work, ethics and AI, education and creativity.


🎧 FAZ D:Economy, Fokus Business und Technologie

🎧 Der KI-Podcast (ARD), snackable content on AI

🎧 You are fucked, a podcast by MDR Sachsen-Anhalt on the first official cyber catastrophe in the German county Anhalt-Bitterfeld https://lnkd.in/ek2CA5Zb


📺 ZDF, Der Spiegel an Die Zeit, „Forbidden Stories“, research on an Israeli company that offers hacks and disinformation campaigns worldwide for money in order to manipulate elections 

📺 ARD, documentaries on AI


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