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How intelligent is AI already today - and in the future?

Are AI apps like ChatGPT, Bard, Dall-E & Co. really intelligent? How do the large language models (LLMs), neural networks and machine learning actually work - and what sets them apart from classic search engines or generally from programmes written by humans? And what does all this mean for our jobs, economy and society? This is what the renowned researcher Hannah Bast discussed with Harald Lesch and his colleague Marco Smolla on German public television - and she didn't skimp on vivid examples and demonstrations in which she gets to grips with AI live.

Hannah Bast is Professor of Algorithms and Data Structures at the Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg. In the YouTube video below, she discusses with Prof. Harald Lesch and science editor Marco Smolla on Terra X Lesch & Co whether the new AI chatbots and applications already represent the breakthrough for artificial intelligence, why they are starting their triumphant march now of all times, how the development is likely to continue, how quickly and above all: with what effects on all of us. A multifaceted, vivid and profound conversation that we didn't want to deprive you of. But see for yourself (German only):

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